User Data Type

Available Fields
Name Type Description
href string The url path
dataType string Data type of object
ID guid The ID of the user, used in API calls.
NAME string The display name of the user.
USERID string The username of the user.
FIRSTNAME string The first name of the user.
MIDDLEINITIAL string The middle initial of the user.
LASTNAME string The last name of the user.
PASSWORDEXPIRES datetime The date/time that the password of the user expires. Can be null.
USERIDEXPIRES datetime The date/time that the UserID of the user expires and needs to be changed. Can be null.
EMAILADDRESS string The email address of the user.
SITEID guid The ID of the home site of the user.
USERIDNEVEREXPIRES bool True if the UserID never expires.
PASSWORDNEVEREXPIRES bool True if the password never expires.
ENABLED bool True if the user is enabled.
LASTIPADDRESS string The last IP address that the user did a web login from.