Persisted Data Data Type

Available Fields
Name Type Description
href string The url path
dataType string Data type of object
CREATEBYUSID guid ID of the user that created the data.
CREATEDATEUTC datetime UTC date/time that the data was created
DATALENGTH int Length of the submitted data. Calculated on the server.
DATAMIMETYPE string The mime type of the data, such as text/json
EXPIRATIONDATEUTC datetime UTC date/time that the data should be deleted from the server.
ID guid The ID of the persisted data, used in API calls.
LINKEDOBJECTID string An additional ID that can be used to connect persisted data to an object
LINKEDOBJECTTYPE int None = 0, Document = 1, DocumentRevision = 2, Folder = 3, FormTemplate = 4, FormInstance = 5, Project = 6, Group = 7, User = 8, UserSession = 9, Portal = 10, Page = 11, Search = 12, Site = 13, Report = 14, Workflow = 15, OutsideProcess = 16, Custom = 99
MODIFIEDBYUSID guid ID of the user that last modified the data.
MODIFIEDDATEUTC datetime UTC date/time that the data was last modified
NAME string The unique name of the instance of data. Must be unique to the scope or null.
PERSISTEDDATA string The persisted data.
SCOPE int The scope of object returned, 0 = user, 1 = global