Folder Data Type

Available Fields
Name Type Description
href string url path to folder
datatype string datatype
Id guid Folder Id
NAME string Name of folder
MODIFYDATE string The date/time the folder was last modified.
MODIFYBYID guid Id of the user whom modified the folder
CREATEDATE string The date/time the folder was created.
CREATEBYID guid The Id of the user that created the folder.
TOPLEVELFOLDERID guid Id of top level folder
FOLDERTYPE int 0 = current store, 1 = document library, 2 = container, 3 = subcontainer, 4 = folder, 5 = template, 6 = not a folder
STATUS int 0 = active, 1 = deleted
FOLDERPATH string The path of the folder starting at the root of the document library. For example, '/General' or '/Attachments'
PARENTFOLDERID guid Id of the parent folder