Document Data Type.

Available Fields
Name Type Description
href string The url path
dataType string Data type of object
id guid Revision Id of the Document
documentId guid Document Id
name string Document Name
description string Description of Document
releaseState int Document release state. 0 = unreleased, 1 = released, 2 = pending
checkInStatus int Document check in status. 0 = checked in, 1 = checked out for revision
revision int Document revision number
reviewDate string Date reviewed
expireDate string Date expires
archive int 0 if Archived, 1 if Deleted, 2 if Purged
abstract string Abstract
keywords string Keywords
changeText string Reason text changed
folderId guid Folder Id containing the document
folderName string Name of folder
folderPath string Path to folder
fileId guid Fild Id
fileName string File Name
fileSize int Size of file in bytes
extension string File extension
contentType string Content type of file
checkedInBy string User whom checked in file
checkedOutById guid Id of user whom checked out document
checkedOutBy string User whome checked out file
checkOutDate string Date document checked out
createDate string Date document created
createById guid Id of user whom created document
createBy string User whom created document
modifyDate string Most recent date that the document was modified
modifyById guid Id of user whom modified document
modifyBy string User whom modified document